Client communication without the frustration

Calmbird is a better way for freelancers to notify their clients of project progress or clear things up, without the usual stress or distraction involved. Be among the first to try it out:

Keep your clients in the loop

Calmbird.io provides a simple interface, where you can manage distractions from email and messaging services and let you clients know, once YOU are ready, what part of a project you're currently working on, so they don't have to e-mail you or buzz you on Slack.

Understand your clients and let them understand you.

Working as a freelancer can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you and your client have different understanding of a project. Worse still, your client may not even know what they want yet. Keep them updated on your progress in a single place, and let them provide feedback early on, preventing frustrating experiences on both sides. At the same time, you can ask for more information as you need it. You always see what the client has agreed to, and they understand how you're going to go about it, no need for lenghty back and forth via email or constant buzzing on Slack.

Focus on the important part, let us handle the rest.

When you're working, dealing with Slack, mail, or even both at the same time, can be distracting. Write brief status updates on your own time and Calmbird will send them out, before the next email asking for a status update hits. Calmbird also provides a place to group and manage all your distracting notifications.


Reduce pressure, buy more time.

By timing your updates just right, Calmbird reduces pressure, lowers stress and increases your quality of life by buying your more time before the next request for updates comes knocking.


Schedule your time spent and group distracting reminders and notifications in one place.

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Send your emails at the right time, for maximum impact.

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Utilize simple, yet powerful task management features to stay on top of things.